API Reference


create_session([name]) Create a lightning session.
use_session(session_id) Use the specified lightning session.
set_basic_auth(username, password) Set authenatication.
set_host(host) Set the host for a lightning server.
enable_ipython(**kwargs) Enable plotting in the iPython notebook.
disable_ipython() Disable plotting in the iPython notebook.
enable_local() Enable a local mode.
disable_local() Disable local mode.
set_size([size]) Set a figure size using one of four options.


scatter(x, y[, labels, values, color, ...]) Plot two-dimensional data as points.
line(series[, index, color, group, ...]) Plot one-dimensional series data as lines.
force(conn[, values, labels, color, group, ...]) Create a force-directed network from connectivity.
graph(x, y, conn[, values, labels, color, ...]) Create a node-link graph from spatial points and their connectivity.
graphbundled(x, y, conn[, labels, values, ...]) Create a bundled node-link graph from spatial points and their connectivity.
matrix(matrix[, colormap, row_labels, ...]) Visualize a dense matrix or table as a heat map.
adjacency(conn[, labels, group, symmetric, ...]) Visualize a sparse adjacency matrix.
map(regions, values[, colormap, width, ...]) Create a chloropleth map of the world or united states.
circle(conn[, group, color, labels, width, ...]) Create a circular graph from connectivity data.
histogram(values[, bins, width, zoom, ...]) Create a histogram.


image(imagedata[, width, description, height]) Display an array as an image.
imagepoly(imagedata[, polygons, xy, width, ...]) Display an array as an image with polygonal regions and region drawing.
gallery(imagedata[, width, description, height]) Display a collection of arrays as browsable images with thumbnails.


scatter3(x, y, z[, color, group, alpha, ...]) Plot three-dimensional data as points.
volume(imagedata[, width, description, height]) Display a collection of images as a three-dimensional volume.


scatterstreaming(x, y[, values, labels, ...]) Create a streaming scatter plot of x and y.
linestreaming(series[, index, color, group, ...]) Plot streaming one-dimensional series data as updating lines.