Client libraries


The Python client is installable via pip

$ [sudo] pip install lightning-python

Checkout the project on github and also read the full documentation. The python client is currently the only client that supports using Lightning without a server (sometimes referred to as headless or local mode). To use the python client without a server running simply initialize it like

from lightning import Lightning
lgn = Lightning(local=True)

This is powerful when used in conjunction with the jupyter notebook. Checkout an example notebook generating various interactive Lightning plots without a server.

We have provided several Jupyter notebooks with examples of Lightning, including different visualization types, and various options and modes of interactivity. The notebooks are available on github, can be viewed on nbviewer, and can be run live courtesy of Binder by visiting this link.


Documentation for the scala client is avaialble on github.


The javascript client supports both node.js and the browser. Install it via npm:

$ npm install lightning.js

More information can be found on github.


The R client was built by Ermlab. It is the first community contributed client. Documentation can be found on github.